Topics: Beauty, Endurance, Transformation, Imperfection, Letter to Artists, Choosing Jesus Again, Confession, Chastity 


create AWAY retreats 

I plan and speak at Catholic artist retreats! Our first one took place last December in a cabin in the mountains of Buena Vista, Colorado. With the help of Father Peter Mussett, we took time away to be inspired and to create.


SLS18 Emcee

This January, come join us for SLS18, where you’ll go deeper in your relationship with Christ, learn practical skills alongside fellow leaders of the Church, and receive the tools you need to bring Christ to others, no matter what stage of life you’re in.


FOCUS Beauty initiative

Can beauty save the world? Through study, collaborative projects and creative apprenticeship, we aim to craft a community that inspires artists to take their unique place in the Church and inspires all to live a beautiful life, which is to be a saint.