About Me


Hello, Party people! I'm emily Martinez.

New York City has my old bed, Denver has my return address, and Nebraska has my heart. I love all things odd and imperfect. Especially stories. Who wants one where everything goes right? I love the providential chaos that reminds us that there is an Author behind it all.

I’m known as the classic Hufflepuff, but like all other millennials, I long to be a Gryf. I dream of being cast in “The Mighty Ducks” but most would put me in the cast of “Little Women”. 

I’m an actress, writer, emcee, speaker and Catholic missionary. And I’m aware that that sounds like a weird joke. But Pope Francis said that “If we have found the love that restores meaning to our lives, how can we fail to share that love with others?”

Missionaries share. Artists share. So it’s the artist mish life for me.

Thank you for reading! And GBR!

Start being brave about everything.
— St. Catherine of Siena